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The moment time travel is invented, a timeline appears where someone goes back in time to stop time travel being invented. This is that timeline. Prove me wrong.
I would’ve thought this would go without saying, but North Korea is not a good tourist destination, nor a good place to seek political asylum.

Joker: Who the heck are you? Mr T: (emerges) I’m BA Bacus…and my van is a helluva fast!



Joker: Who the heck are you? Mr T: (emerges) I’m BA Bacus…and my van is a helluva fast!



Damn, nice set of teeth you got there.



We haven’t seen any tourists or researchers from the future.

Therefore time travel will probably never be invented.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason if there were time tourists they’d be keeping a low profile? Considering their existence depends in them not fucking up their own timeline.


Two panels from Wonder Woman #7 (Winter 1943), showing that either some things just don’t change, or Marston was some kind of prescient wizard. One or the other. ;3

Low dose nicotine actually has many health benefits if you’re getting it without the rest of the stuff in tobacco.

The ‘health crisis’ panicmongering over ecigarettes makes no sense at all. It’s been well demonstrated that nicotine is beneficial. All that’s actually needed is proper labelling and quality control for vaporizer charges.

If you’re seriously worried about continuity of consciousness…

Do you die each night, each morning someone new waking up in your body thinking they’re you?





Anonymous is waging a war against the Israeli government

Anonymous — the faceless hacker collective best known for harrasing several American credit card companies, the Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Scientology — has launched an aggressive assault on the Israeli government for their ongoing ground campaign in the Gaza Strip. And in true Anonymous fashion, they aren’t hiding it — they’re flaunting it.

What they’ve done so far | Follow micdotcom


oh shit. this could be great

I’ll always find it hilarious that the soul of internet subculture is closer to a collective of radical SJW bloggers than anything else