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If you’re seriously worried about continuity of consciousness…

Do you die each night, each morning someone new waking up in your body thinking they’re you?





Anonymous is waging a war against the Israeli government

Anonymous — the faceless hacker collective best known for harrasing several American credit card companies, the Westboro Baptist Church and the Church of Scientology — has launched an aggressive assault on the Israeli government for their ongoing ground campaign in the Gaza Strip. And in true Anonymous fashion, they aren’t hiding it — they’re flaunting it.

What they’ve done so far | Follow micdotcom


oh shit. this could be great

I’ll always find it hilarious that the soul of internet subculture is closer to a collective of radical SJW bloggers than anything else

Virtually everything live action that DC has done that isn’t Batman related is terrible.

So it’s probably for the best there isn’t a Wonder Woman movie.

*adds Ground Pounders to her wishlist*

*reads reviews and dev responses*

*removes Ground Pounders from her wishlist*

I’ve seen a lot of people (not just tumblr people but actual professional reviewers) these days reviewing works of fiction not on their actual merits as fiction but on whether or not they agree with the perceived message.

I mean… For example, I’ll admit, District 9 was a very good movie, even though I completely disagreed with the message (long story short using xenos as a stand in for some persecuted human group is wrong because they aren’t human). The fact that I disagree with the message doesn’t change the fact that it was well acted and directed and had very good special effects.

Why does it seem everyone these days expects TV shows and movies to have some sort of moral or secret meaning?



Tibetan sand foxes are famous for their distinct looksquare-molded face and little, triangular ears that are situated near its head. They form life-long partnerships and live, hunt and share the responsibility of raising their young together. Tibetan foxes are not overly territorial and many pairs live in close quarters and share hunting grounds.

How is this a real animal

The smuggest fox.

They were duck rolls.

This is a joke.
10 points to the first one that gets it.

This is a joke.

10 points to the first one that gets it.